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ASR Systems LLC is an industry leader in water resources development with a specialized focus on aquifer storage recovery (ASR) and related technologies such as water supply and treatment, reclaimed water storage, storm water management, bank filtration, deep injection wells, injection well rehabilitation and design for “pump and treat” industrial hazardous waste remediation wellfields, vertical well drilling, horizontal directional drilling, water supply economics and regulatory framework planning. The firm provides great depth of experience regarding the full range of unique technical issues that accompany ASR well and wellhead design and operations. Current and recent ASR projects are located throughout the United States and also overseas. Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, and with an office in Las Vegas, ASR Systems is uniquely qualified in finding and developing practical, cost-effective water supply, water storage, aquifer recharge, injection well and effluent disposal solutions for our clients.

R. David G. Pyne, P.E.
David Pyne is recognized as the pioneer and leader of ASR technology, having developed this technology in Florida, elsewhere in the United States, and overseas during the past 35 years. He pioneered development of the ASR technology for storage of water through wells in fresh, brackish, or seawater aquifers to meet seasonal, long-term, or emergency demands and to achieve sustainable water supplies through underground storage in confined and unconfined aquifers.

Mr. Pyne coined the term “Aquifer Storage Recovery” in1982 and is the sole author of the only book published on ASR, Aquifer Storage Recovery: A Guide to Groundwater Recharge Through Wells (ASR Press, 2005).

After providing 30 years of civil and water resources engineering services with CH2M HILL, Mr. Pyne successfully established ASR Systems LLC during 2001 to provide water resources and ASR systems consulting services. He has provided direction or technical support for half of the approximately 95 currently operational ASR systems in the U.S. Mr. Pyne is also the CEO of Etowah Water bank, formed to help resolve water supply issues in the Atlanta metropolitan area and northwest Georgia.

Aquifer Storage Recovery:
A Guide to Groundwater Recharge through Wells,
By David Pyne

David Pyne has amassed a body of work set forth in this book that has demonstrated the viability and cost-effectiveness of the new approach to water management and aquifer recharge. This second edition of David Pyne’s book incorporates extensive new experience at a rapidly growing number of Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) wellfields globally and delves more deeply in the scientific and technical aspects of feasibility assessment, design and operation, as well as regulatory and economic considerations. More than 95 ASR wellfields are currently operating through the United States and also at many other sites globally. This may be compared with 20 ASR welfields when the first edition was published in 1995. All of these ASR Wells are sustaining water supplies at reasonable cost while achieving environmental benefits. Additional case studies and suggested directions for future research and applications are also presented. This book presents the author’s life work with the hope that ASR will bring water to a thirsty world where water supply sustainability is an increasing challenge, driven by population growth, contamination of aquifers and surface waters, declining groundwater levels and increasing unreliable river flows. When compared to conventional water supply wells, ASR wells have unique technical and regulatory features that require thorough understanding to effectively utilize the technology.

This book is the essential guide to ASR.

R. David G. Pyne, P.E., President

ASR Systems LLC
540 NE 5th Ave
Gainesville FL 32601

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